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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! You can call me Cz. I live in Redmond, Washington. I make computers sing in English. Sometimes I art.


UTAU - Ase Rioni by Chezzie-Chan
UTAU - Ase Rioni
Art trade with ClockworkSinger. n___n

It's been a while since I've really drawn anything. o no I feel rusty. 
When the earth was still volatile and barely habitable, a massive brass dragon was birthed from its volcanic core.

The dragon roamed for millions of years, watching life become more and more complex. But the dragon grew bored, and eventually lay down to sleep.

The beautiful golden brass faded to a harsh and muddy teal patina—the dragon seemed nothing more than an elaborate statue.

The dragon awoke to the most beautiful sound it had ever heard. Music? Singing?? It opened an eye to see tiny, painted beings dancing around its feet, worshiping it.

The dragon was overjoyed. It opened its jaws wide in an attempt to mimic the beautiful noise…but it sounded like what you'd expect a dirty old brass dragon to sound like.

The little ones panicked, covered their ears, and ran.
But one young girl, whose dancing had been the most graceful and singing the most melodious, was now limp at the dragon’s feet, no longer singing—no longer breathing. Why had the singing stopped?

The tiny body was no longer graceful, but broken. There was no more music left in it. The dragon contemplated the rumpled heap in front of it for a long time, even for a dragon. It picked the young girl up and brought her to the volcano it was born from.

The dragon drew on the fire of the earth’s heart for strength, and on the wind’s dancing grace, the oldest of magics. It gripped its horn and twisted with all its strength, straining against its own mighty armor until the horn broke with a thunder that shook the hills. The dragon laid its broken horn beside the girl and closed its eyes forever.

The dragon’s brass blood encircled the girl and the horn, tracing waves on sand and skin. The ruined body blazed brass…and then she breathed.

She saw the dragon’s mountain-corpse. She saw the horn. In the burning brass, she saw herself: her skin, smooth and sexless; her feathers sprouting around her horns, one broken and one intact. The dragon in the girl’s veins and the girl in the dragon’s skin clung to the great, broken horn.
And then they wept in great, dissonant, metallic sobs.
CZloid - Character Backstory

Sorry! Don't get too excited!! I'm just releasing Cz's design, official art, and character backstory today as we get closer to the release of her Voice Bank, the VCCV Core English Reclist, and the Tutorials.  <3

Down below are links to her new design and official artwork!!

Clothing design and concept art by: Asparagusunited…

Super uber thanks to Asparagus for the concept art and their AMAZING outfit which I basically fell immediately in love with the moment I saw it. Which was actually 2 years ago when I helped them with the vocals on this awesome song here.…;

Official "Box Art" by Halo / BagelHero-Works…

Halo has drawn more artwork of Cz than I think everyone else combined. ;; <3 I honestly can't express in words how much I love her, so you're just gonna have to follow these links down here which lead to all of her amazing artwork. 

Art Blog:

If you have any questions about this strange bit of writing, just ask. It's meant to be told from the point of view of an impossibly ancient metallic dragon, so it's a bit odd on purpose. :3 

Like I actually built it. I got a nice case, and put all the computer bits in it myself. :D

(Ok, so I had some help, but I'm still really proud of myself!)

But my copy of Windows 7 is no longer happy with me, so I've got 30 days. 30 DAYS. Until I have to buy Windows 8. So there. That's the deadline for the release. 30 days from now.


I'm just repeating myself in all caps for my own sake. If I dig this deadline deep enough into my brain maybe it will stick and become true. o-o

(Also, again, thank you all so much for your donations. ;; )
  • Mood: Optimism
It's OK. I was able to get all my data off the hard drive. 

It's just really annoying. I've been through like 3 or 4 computer changes in only a few months. So my work flow has been really scattered and just ugh. XP It's slowing me down. I just want to get this done, really. 

I spent a lot to repair the motherboard on the old laptop, only for it to die again for some unknown reason. I don't really have a lot of money in my savings left. :/

But I'm buying a desktop this time. It should be here sometime next week, and hopefully it will not die for a good long time. :|

I'm going to open up my commissions soon, but I'm also opening up donations. My sister bought the computer for me, but I need to pay her back eventually. Basically, a lot of my friends and family helped pitch in, thanks guys ;;, but I'm still short about $200. 

If you can donate I will:
1. Show you Cz's new unreleased design. (It wont be released until her bank is released.)

2. Get you in on the beta tutorial testing fiasco that will take off as soon as the tutorials are finished. (Which is basically letting you test Cz's bank before everything is released to the public. AND maybe letting you record the list.)

3. Show you the WIP song I am trying to do for Cz's release. Actually me. Actually trying to write a song??? haha ;; 

So if you can, the website I'm using is here:
YouCaring Donations

It's free and just uses Paypal. n__n
Thanks guys. TAT 
I mostly just feel super awkward asking for money from you, so I'm just gonna keep this here on my DeviantArt and if you guys can like.. IDK, spread the word for me.. thanks. ;; //sighs
UPDATE: 5/14

Thank you so much everyone!!! We made the goal. ;; 
I have payed my sister the money back. 
I finished building the new desktop last night. It's up and running. IT'S FAST. AND SHINY. I LOVE IT. 

Apparently you can go over the goal, so any extra donations up to $400 will also go into the computer. So I'll keep the fundraiser active for a little while longer in case anyone else wants to donate. ;;

Again, thank you guys a ton. Hopefully this computer will last me a long time!!!

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